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Africans value beauty and since time memorial, African Beauty Secrets have been passed on from generation to generation. As an African, I have personally learned from my rich culture that skincare need not be complicated, time-consuming or expensive.

I am offering African Beauty Workshops to make Winning Skin traditions and techniques from my home in Ghana, West Africa accessible to those desiring to tap into open secrets of luxurious skincare from an age-old culture, whose rich, natural resources are sought-after worldwide.

I invite you to learn these African Beauty Secrets: the inside story on beautiful, Winning Skin is well within your reach and these simple skincare principles are not exclusive to African culture- they work on any skin type of any ethnicity when applied.

In this Winning Skin Workshop, we will cover the “who, what, where, why, when and how” of Winning Skincare, from an African prospective. Simple African Beauty and Skincare strategies will be unfolded to you and you will leave fully equipped with the Winning Skin “know-how” that you can immediately put to use.

Cost $25- includes handout, Wildcrafted African Botanical Samples from Ghana and a surprise takeaway gift.

Angeli Olorunsogo is an African Beauty and Wellness Advocate with more than 32 years of research and practical experience in living a longevity lifestyle that yields undeniably tangible and enduring results- including what she calls her “Winning Skin”, which she consciously cultivates.