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Hello, I’m Andrea. I am a well known Intuitive worldwide. I have assisted thousands of people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self healing. The techniques I use in my Readings are very enchanting, motivating, inspiring, and uplifting! My creative style of Readings are sure to bring you a warmth of down to earth, soulful relaxation- to a place where you can be free to open yourself up in a respected energy of love and compassion.

I have been doing Intuitive readings for over 30 years with only great feedback and positive accuracy. My readings are tailored to each individual’s need. I may or may not use divination tools, it depends on what I see is best for you. This makes your reading specially unique, just like you!!!! To those who enjoy a little edge on magic, I can do Children Readings as well, using a child friendly Animal Spirt Card deck. I am excited to meet each of you, let’s make some MAGIC and Healing.

Readings are $1/minute. Please pay in cash. Thank you!