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Cultivate intuition or inner sense of knowing about what serves you best through trust of wisdom already held within your body as key to your own unique healing and wellness  Relearn how to eat as an empowered eater through development of bodywisdom. Reclaim your relationship with food and body as an intimate form of self love and self responsibility . Delight in a home cooked, nourishing meal as an empowered eater in community for last hour of class.  Cost: $20, 10-13 possible spots available, email emeraldbodywisdom@gmail.com by October 19th

Teacher:  Emerald Niakan ~ Bodywisdom Coach + Soul Activation Guide
Emerald believes there is innate and potent wisdom that exists within us all. Listening and tapping into our own body wisdom is the key to our unique healing and wellness.  She believes one of the most powerful things we can do is heal the relationship we have with our body. It is Emerald’s calling to guide clients from a place of disordered eating and poor body image to a place of self acceptance. The healing journey she facilitates is one based in cultivating loving-kindness and trust with our bodies, emotions, and food. Her approach is explicitly a non-diet framework that cultivates an intuition or inner sense of awareness about what serves you best.