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There is a lot to know about Chinese herbal medicine, so saying this class is “basic” will be quite the understatement! In this class we will talk about basic theory behind Chinese herbal medicine (we will discuss some basic principles we use in diagnosing like what is Yin/Yang, Excess/Deficient, Hot/Cold, Qi/Blood). We will also talk about some commonly used Chinese herbs, how they are prepared and administered, and we will look and taste a few herbs and formulas. You will leave with some knowledge about how Chinese herbal medicine works!

No herbal experience is necessary. An intro to herbalism could be useful, and if you already have studied herbs, this could be a nice addition to your studies. Class is $20. Space is limited so you must prepay to attend! Register at http://bit.ly/2EULent.

**I have a strict no-refund policy due to the high demand of these classes and the time and financial resources that are put into preparation for these classes. Thank you!**

Angela Renzetti is an acupuncturist and herbalist. Learn more on her website www.moonlightmedicineclinic.com.