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Cultivating Compassion and Self-love Is a 1 hour workshop where we will explore not only what is compassion but also how does compassion feel, the purpose of this is to begin the process of developing a strong sense of unconditional love towards ourselves.  Because recovery from illness, injury, trauma or unhealthy patterns and behaviors is not linear, having a solid foundation of self-love and compassion can help endure the much worthy and ever lasting journey towards health and balance. To learn to unconditionally love ourselves opens the door to new possibilities and energizes us to move forward.

The workshop includes exercises, journaling and a guided meditation. Participants should bring a notebook and a pen.

Cost:  $20 per person. Pre-registration is required. Venmo payments to: Gabriela Sanchez Samano @GS-compassion or Email gabydanza@yahoo.com if another form of payment is needed.

Bio: Gabriela has gathered tools thru her journey with dance, injury and trauma that have helped her move forward. Challenges with Anxiety and Depression have been strong teachers for her. She feels inspired to share the tools she has learn with those who may been going thru challenging time and may need help. To learn more about what inspires Gabriela’s work visit www.gabydanza.com