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Dating can be a frustrating cycle of excitement and anticipation…and then disappointment when you see that the person in front of you just isn’t right.  It’s time to cut the BS and start dating people who compliment your strengths and have the capacity to build a relationship with you that’s loving and nurturing…rather than leave you lonely and depleted.

Join Katie Meyer, AWC for an interactive workshop where she’ll reveal how the ancient science of Ayurveda can help modern daters get clarity on what it is they seek in a relationship…and then go out and get it! Class fee is $10.  Register at http://bit.ly/2DtR2ac.

Katie Meyer is an Ayurvedic Health Coach & Digital Detox Specialist.  Take her FREE 5-Day Worn-Out to Warrior Challenge here: www.katiemeyer.com/warriorchallenge