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Dr. Sacksteder is a naturopath and acupuncturist at Rainbow Natural Health Clinic. She is passionate about preventing diabetes, ending racism and reversing climate change. She lives her life and practices medicine from the knowledge that personal and societal healing is a collaborative and dynamic process. She understands that our identities, histories and the socio-economic context of our lives inform the healing journey. Sustainable solutions require engagement of the physical, emotional and spiritual dimension of individuals and communities.
Diabetes and climate change are two urgent interrelated health challenges facing communities worldwide. They are fueled in part by overconsumption and misinformation, perpetuated by profit, and unchallenged by individuals feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by the magnitude of the socio-economic forces at play. Dramatic and unprecedented action is needed to change this damaging trajectory. Ninety percent of people with pre-diabetes are unaware of their condition. Many of us living in the global north, the primary emitters of greenhouse gases, go through our days seemingly unaware of the environmental disaster unfolding and the related consequences of our daily choices. Facing these issues directly takes persistence and courage. We cannot do this alone. How can we inspire the curiosity in ourselves to ask, “What else is possible?” In this lively presentation, gain insight and tools to move out of overwhelm and into action.
$10 – $20 sliding scale fee