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What’s on your mind? Oracle card readings with Shelley Irish give you specific impressions, feedback and guidance about anything in your life. She works with fairy, goddess, archetypal and classic tarot cards to give you clarity from a variety of sources. She specializes in the following options: weekly energetic forecasts, chakra check ins, relationship bridges, the celtic cross, and plenty more.

Shelley Irish is a clairsentient artist with a variety of creative and energetic training. She is a Certified Fairyologist and completed the year-and-a-day program from the College of Wicca and Old Lore in 2006. She is trained in Reiki, visualization, shamanic journeying and is now learning about Theta Healing. She also offers spirit portraiture and customized guided meditations. She is a visionary oil painter by trade and feels the source of her artistic practice and her psychic senses are one in the same. View her art work and holistic artistic offerings at www.gallerysati.com.

Readings are also customized to each person based on preferred time, cost and query.