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“A spoonful of sugar…” definitely helps the medicine go down!  One fun and tasty way to take your herbal medicine is through herbal syrups and vinegars (you can even mix them in a cocktail or sparkling water).  During this class we will learn how to make herbal syrups, oxymels (a vinegar and honey mix), and infused vinegars and we will look at some herbs I like to make these with and their uses.  These can be great winter remedies or even holiday gifts.

$25 ticket includes tastings of some of my own concoctions, handouts and a blend we will make in class for you to take home.

*I have a strict no-refund policy due to the time and financial resources that are put into preparation for these classes.  Thank you! *

Angela Renzetti is an acupuncturist, herbalist and works with plants on many levels.  For more info and to purchase tickets, visit www.moonlightmedicineclinic.com