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Come take a March 16th workshop focusing on the key elements of Ayurveda. In the first class you will learn your own body-mind’s personal ratio of elements and how to customize your life to avoid imbalance, pain, and emotional upset. C.L. will review the essentials of Vedic Philosophy which will improve your seasonal dietary choices and understanding of the elemental cycles of nature. The final topic is an in-depth review of the energetic categories of taste which will completely revolutionize your herbal practice by revealing how herbs change energetics within the body as they move through the G.I. Tract.  handouts will be supplied, bring a writing instrument.

Cost:  10$ You must RSVP by pre-purchasing a ticket with the e-payment methods listed below. In the payment memo: write “Rainbow Workshop”.  You will be emailed a confirmation of RSVP. Yes, it’s that simple. Yes you may call to confirm: 2068804772

C.L. Severson is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, who trained at San Diego College of Ayurveda and Narayana Yoga and Ayurveda Academy. Their passions include:  astrology, Thai massage, acupuncture, and tattooing.  C.L. prioritizes the emotional well being and safety of Queer people of color.