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Oracle cards are a tool used to read energy. Each oracle card contains the essence of a particular topic or theme. When one draws a card, their energy resonates with the energy of the card, bringing the recipient a ‘friendly message from the universe’ to inspire guidance, clarity, compassion, validation and magic surrounding the theme discussed.
Steph has been studying the language of energy for many years with shamans, mentors and teachers from several traditions ranging from Black Sect Tantric Buddhism to Zen and Fourth Way meditation and practical awareness techniques. She has been practicing intuitive energy reading for most of her life. She reads with a deck she created herself from her own original photo mandala art designs, allowing sessions to be uniquely guided and personal.
Original mandala oracle cards decks will be for sale and readings will be offered at a highly discounted rate from 12-4pm. Reserve your spot in advance by emailing stephicaburton@gmail.com or visiting http://stephicaburton.com. Cost for card readings: 15 mins pay-what-you-can (in-store, if space is available) OR PRE-BOOK for $25 for 15 mins (brief discussion),  $44 for 30 min (intimate discussion), $60 for 45 minute (complete reading)
DISCLAIMER: *Readings are intended to provide guidance, clarity, compassion and validation for entertainment purposes only. They do not foretell the future, or provide or supplement medical or mental health advice. If you have any questions or concerns about your mental or physical health, please consult a doctor or therapist. All decisions made following a reading are the complete responsibility of the client.