Harmonizing with Spring

Spring is a time of bursting forth. It takes a surge of upwards-moving energy to produce those buds, and to burst them open into the leaves and flowers they are to become. This energy comes up from a plant’s roots, from deep in the earth.

Just as the plants are in this process, so are we humans. Now is the time to implement those ideas hatched in the dark of winter. Now is the time, while the days are lengthening, when there is all spring, all summer and well into the autumn, to move these ideas through action into existence.

What if, however, you are having a hard time getting going? What if you’re feeling sluggish or stuck? What if you just can’t get organized or inspired to make your dreams come true?

You could seek support. You could call upon friends or family, or you could ask for a little help from the experts on bursting forth: plants, and in particular, their flowers.

Flowers can be applied as essential oils, or ingested as teas, in tinctures or capsules, or in flower essences. Flower essences are particular useful for emotional and energetic illnesses. Here are a few you can use to get yourself up and running with Springtime energy:

Bird of Paradise by 3 Flowers Healing, from Hood River, Oregon: This essence is excellent for bringing in the new, and for creating an openness in yourself for welcoming and adapting to that which is new.

Barrett’s Penstemon by 3 Flowers Healing: This essence gives a feeling of lightness and the ability to rise above. Obstacles can be viewed from a vaster perspective with this essence so that you can see the ways around them, and also move about them with agility.

Walnut by Flower Essence Services in Nevada City, California: This essence is excellent for letting go of past influences that keep you from moving forward, and for proceeding onwards with new certainty.

Blackberry by Flower Essence Services (FES): This essence is good for those with good ideas, but who have trouble applying the elbow grease necessary to turn those ideas into reality.

Cayenne by FES: This essence is good for overcoming inertia and stuckness. It gets the blood and the energy flowing.

Olive by FES: If you are too fatigued to get going, this is the essence for you.

Borage by FES: This essence is for harnessing the courage necessary to make a bold leap, and to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Often, this is all that’s really needed to get something started.

Wishing you a springtime full of boundless energy and positive new beginnings.

May 1st, 2014|