Meet Chris!

I’ve been working at Rainbow for 3 years, and I love being a part of this community. Prior to working here I was a sales rep for Health Force Nutritionals, traveling to stores around the state, offering product education and demos. Before that I worked for a number of years at Super Supplements. I really enjoy contributing to the culture of education and curiosity that continues to grow and evolve at Rainbow. In my spare time I enjoy ecstatic dance, yoga, and walking around barefoot in the forest. If you’re ever at Rainbow and have a question about vitamins or herbs I’d love to chat!
What’s your favorite herbal preparation?
I love to make decoctions of ginseng, astragalus, and goji berries to fortify and strengthen my system!
What’s a fun fact about you?
In 2004 I went to Paraguay and served in the Peace Corps! I worked in a small rural village helping to improve their agricultural practices.
What would you consider your super power?
My superpower is being able to stay calm in the most hectic situations.
What is your astrology like?
Taurus sun, Capricorn moon, and Virgo rising. Yes, that’s a triple Earth. Grounded is my middle name.
What’s your favorite part about working in natural health?
I love being around people who are on a quest for healing to share ideas with. We find ways to help each other towards wellness.
December 5th, 2019|