Meet Dylan!

Meet Dylan!

Dylan has worked at Rainbow for over 4 years! They are also an acupuncturist in addition to the western and Chinese herb knowledge they bring to Rainbow. When Dylan is not at Rainbow they make lots of different tinctures, elixirs, and oxymels. If you want to check out some of their potions you can find them at @bittermelonbotanicals or set up an appointment with them at Union Center for Healing!


What’s your astrology like?

I am a Sagittarius sun, Libra rising and aquarius moon! I think that’s a pretty cute chart.


What’s your favorite part about working in natural health?

My favorite thing about working in the natural health field is that I get to be around herbs! Herbs are a form of resistance- they are accessible, affordable, and they allow us to reclaim our health outside the constructs of harmful systems.


What’s your favorite herbal preparation?

The herbs I take change with the season, day, my mood- but my go to herb mix this week is making an infusion of oat buds, oat straw, rose petals, and a ton of lemon balm! The change of season calls for a nice mood uplifter!


What’s your kryptonite?

My kryptonite is lip balm. I probably have one in every pocket of pants and coat that I own. They are everywhere in my home. I like to have a moisturized lip what can I say



Do you have any recommendations for folks reading this?

As a fire sign with four other fire placements I can be very impatient! I really recommend any fire sign to take impatiens flower essence. Its been so helpful for me to stay patient. Flower essences are an incredibly important medicine, come in and lose yourself in our flower essence directory.


October 1st, 2019|