Ritual Tranquility: An Indulgence From the Heart

Mani-pedis: what a guilty pleasure! I’ve had more than a few in my day, and I’ll admit that the pleasure of relaxing as my feet soak is tinged with anxiety about the fumes I’m inhaling. As I debate between my habitual polish choices, I worry whether I’m voluntarily exposing myself to hormone disruptors like phthalates. As I tip my manicurist, I’m often thinking about the toxins she’s immersed in every single day.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

On a recent sunny Sunday morning, I found myself receiving the most caring, relaxing pedicure imaginable, in an essential-oil scented room complete with super-luxe salt scrub, a hand-blended herb soak, and a deep burgundy polish free of phthalates but full of sass. Rebecca, who has the gentlest hands this side of the Mississippi, has followed her heart to Ritual Tranquility, her new holistic spa venture.Rebecca approaches a pedicure with the attention, skill, and care you’d hope to find in a great massage therapist or acupuncturist. “From the sole to the soul,” reads her brochure, and I agree.

From handmade salt scrubs with signature aromatherapy blends, Alaffia fair trade lotions, SpaRitual 3-free polishes and products, organic cotton towels, to eco-friendly shea hot oil dips, every detail at Ritual Tranquility is full of care and conscience. Rebecca is dedicated to tailoring your treatment to your unique needs, with aromatherapy, touch, hot tea, and color.

Rebecca carries both a 3-free polish line and a line of water-based, solvent-free polishes for kids and sensitive individuals—I feel completely comfortable recommending her services to pregnant women and very sensitive folks. She also offers foot reflexology, ear candling, tuning fork therapy, flower essence remedies, an amethyst bio-mat, and silk hair shimmers, which I returned to try and was delighted with—choose from a rainbow of subtle to bold shades and they’ll spice up every ‘do.

My toes, by the way, look great.

Find Rebecca at Kate’s Day Spa at (360) 970-4643, or online at relax@ritualtranquility.com. You’ll be so happy you did!



Justine, bodycare buyer

April 9th, 2014|