The Magical Power of Mushrooms

With winter on the rise, many of us may fall vulnerable to weaker immune systems, low energy, aches, pains, and challenges with mental clarity. Look no further; mushrooms can help! In the 1960’s mushrooms were known as “magical,” and people would take them for their hallucinogenic properties, as well as the belief that mushrooms could enhance their spiritual experience. Nowadays mycology has broadened past spiritualists and chefs and into the medical community where the many health benefits behind mushrooms are being investigated.

Paul Stamets, a leader in the mushroom community, initially looked into the deeper healing powers of mushrooms when his mother was diagnosed with stage 4-breast cancer. Her oncologist at the time told her she was too old for radiation therapy. As an alternative, the doctor recommended a clinical trial of turkey tail mushroom, which he believed aided in her eventual recovery. Because of that experience, Stamets was inspired to dig deeper into the world of mushrooms.

Adding turkey tail to your routine can help to maintain and amp up your immune system, keeping you healthy and thriving all year around. Turkey Tail is known specifically for helping to build and maintain a strong immune system, and contains many powerful antioxidants to help protect the cells from oxidation and free radical damage. Turkey Tail has also been to shown to enhance white blood cells, which help to destroy pathogens that can cause illness.

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Along these same lines, chaga mushrooms can also be very helpful! Grown throughout the northern hemisphere, chaga is high in minerals and nutrients which help to support the body, while decreasing inflammation to help alleviate cold weather aches and pains, keeping your body healthy and limber all season long. At Rainbow we have a tasty way to utilize the properties and reap the medicinal benefits of chaga in the form of a chaga chai mixture!

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If the season change has you feeling a little more sluggish mentally as opposed to/in addition to physically, lion’s mane can be a great asset to your regimen. Lion’s mane possesses many great properties but is mostly known for brain and memory support as it stimulates the growth of the neural pathways and promotes elasticity in the brain. Additionally, it’s high in antioxidants and nourishing minerals to keep you feeling sharp!

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Weather cooking with mushrooms or taking them as supplements, your body and mind can reap great benefits! Hopefully this overview was helpful for giving you more a little more insight into mushrooms and what they can do for you. If you are interested in incorporating mushrooms into your diet, check out our bulk section for a variety of dried mushrooms and mushroom powders, which you can incorporate into cooking and other healing concoctions. There are many different stews and recipes that you can utilize mushrooms in to enjoy the rich flavors. We also have a wide range of mushroom supplements and tinctures for you to choose from. Your body will thank you later!

“Mushrooms are miniature pharmaceutical factories, and of the thousands of mushrooms species in nature, our ancestors and moderns scientists have identified several dozen that have a unique combination of talents that improve our health.”   – Paul Stamets

Maia Pursell

Buyer at Rainbow Remedies

December 4th, 2019|