Meet Margot!

Meet our health and beauty buyer, Margot!

Margot is our amazingly talented health and beauty buyer and has been with the store for the last year and a half! They studied at an Ayurvedic esthetician’s school and have a certificate from Bastyr University on the foundations of essential oils. Margot also has experience working with preschoolers through teenagers, has been dabbling in herbalism for the last sixteen years, and studies sustainable agriculture in their spare time. 

What would you say is your greatest super power? I have two superpowers. One is super healing skin. The other is I can put any animal to sleep (including people).


What’s your basic astrology like? For astrology I am a fire sign, but my chart is dominated by water. Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon, Gemini rising.


What do you like about working in natural health? My favorite thing about working in natural health is when people come back and tell me how well the herbal remedies I recommended helped them. I love helping people feel better. Learning about new products is also very fun!


Do you have a favorite herbal preparation? It’s hard to pick a favorite herbal preparation, but my go to tea recently has been oat buds, holy basil, roses, lemongrass, cassia chips and sometimes hawthorn berries.


What is your proudest accomplishment? My proudest accomplishments are graduating high school at 16, Finishing my Ayurvedaic esthetician program and my certificates in entrepreneurship and foundations of essential oils.

November 7th, 2019|