Meet Maia!

With a background as a holistic esthetician, Maia has always had always had an interest in all forms of natural medicine and healing, so naturally working at Rainbow resonated with her and has helped open her up to learn more about health and wellness. When Maia’s not at Rainbow she enjoys making different skincare products and being active in nature.
What’s your astrology like?

I am a Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon and Aquarius Rising- so I have many diverse interests and different sides to me, but being a Leo is my favorite part.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 
I am a tomboy and love playing basketball and running
What’s your superpower and/or kryptonite? 
Intuitive Dreams
Where would you most like to live?
Oakland, CA
What is your proudest accomplishment? 
Starting my own business
January 3rd, 2020|